Jantine Hasselbach

Founder, Facilitator & Coach

I founded Springs Company in 2010 to focus on what interests me the most: the development of people, teams and organisations. I’m at my best when I interact, with teams or one on one as a facilitator and coach.

After graduating from University, I began with my first job in banking which would turn into a 16 year career. From trainee to Director of the Amsterdam district. The large diversity in people and teams and the challenge of turning that into a flourishing and distinctive culture fascinated me immensely. During the last 5 years of my banking life, I led Marketing and Product Management. With that I experienced just how difficult change can be in a complex organisation and through this came my penchant for new ways to empower people and facilitate transformation. I started to study leadership, creativity and team dynamics and I am still learning every day.

• Certified facilitator Creative Thinking (COCD) 
• The MMS worldwide institute -certified coach
• Certified consultant Barrett Values Center 
• Several Management Programmes CCL, TIAS, IMD
• Deep Democracy Level 1-3
• Integraal Waarnemen – S. Schouten
• Accredited Facilitator of Transformation  –   CorpEvolution

Kim van der Feltz

Facilitator & Coach

Helping individuals, teams and organizations to thrive is what drives me. In order to be successful and happy in the long term it is key to have your basics in order. My philosophy with regards to culture is to think BIG and start small. Like Obama says “if we make the effort, over time things will get a little bit better and if enough people are making things a little bit better, over time things become a lot better”.

Creating an empowered working environment is about identifying small changes that make a big difference, testing new ideas and stopping with things that have lost their magic. It’s about focusing on what you can control, keeping it simple and taking it one step at a time. It all adds up and together you create a working environment where everyone can thrive.

Besides helping to create change on an organizational level, I also coach and train teams and individuals to learn how to focus on what you can control as well as becoming aware of your unique strengths, what gives you meaning and how you can lead and inspire the people around you.



Consultant & Trainer

Naomi is a consultant and trainer with a focus on Diversity & Inclusion.

Her passion is to grow people and businesses together. She believes that a company can only win the war for talent and achieve its full potential if it draws on the talent of all people. A company focus on diversity and an inclusive culture is a crucial enabler for a company’s growth engine.

Naomi has a Law degree and a Master’s degree in individual and organizational psychology. She conducted a well-received research as part of her Executive Master’s degree at INSEAD about the psychodynamic factors that influence cross-gender sponsorships.

Naomi had a successful international commercial career at Heineken N.V. She worked across Europe, West Africa, Asia and the South Pacific. 

Naomi was a keynotes speaker at the Gender Equity Conference 2018 in Hong Kong. She is a member of the jury of the Young Talent Award as well as Inspiring Fifty in The Netherlands. 

Mirjam Speelmans

Coach & Team Expert

Facilitating development and growth, both personally  and professionally, is what makes Mirjam thrive. In her daily work, she facilitates individuals in their learning process. Or she facilitates teams in building trust and effective collaboration. Mirjam is a true believer that there is always a way forward, and to get closer to one another.

Mirjam has a technical background (Logistics & Production) and a master’s degree in Management & Organizations. In 2011 she finished her Coach training at the Alba Academy. Besides coaching, she is specialised in Conflict Resolution.

Clients describe Mirjam as down to earth, result driven, energetic, and a strong connector. She has worked for several corporate companies in different management positions and started her own company – GROOW – 5 years ago.

Mirjam is a teacher at the Coach the Coach institute and is co-author of the book ‘Appeltaart voor Managers’, a book full of coaching recipes for managers and professionals.