team journey

Team Development

Trajectory development for teams in big and small organisations. After mergers, restructuring, or the implementation of a new strategy. For more focus, better cooperation, and strengthening the identity and added value inside the organisation and beyond.

When to consider a team development trajectory?

  1. To start off on the right foot:
    -with new teams or new management 
    -after mergers or restructuring
    -with a new strategy, setting up a new company or department
  2. To improve the cooperation within your team:
    -to strengthen the teamwork with the team based on a common set of values.
    -for more effectiveness and new energy in a team; to bring more focus and creativity
  3.  To improve the team’s position
    -to redefine the team’s value proposition by developing a distinctive profile through attitude and behaviour. Both externally, to customers, and internally, within the organisation.

We believe that the key to success in an organisation is teamwork. 

Teams that work from a shared set of values know what they stand for.

What values drive your organisation?
How do these values come to life? What does that look , sound and feel like? How do you interact, work together? 
How are these values communicated to and perceived by clients, colleagues and the environment at large?

As a certified consultant of Cultural Transformation Tools ( Barrett Values Centre) I support leaders in building values driven and purpose led teams and organisations.

Because there aren’t any standard questions, there aren’t any standard answers. Every process is customized and shaped in cooperation with our clients.

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