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Tailor Made

Purposeful Leadership

  • Learn how to lead yourself and others
  • Discover the elements that help you to thrive in your work and life
  • Become aware of your values and purpose
  • Be inspired to make a difference

Women in the lead

  • Learn to be an inspiring leader and create a balanced working environment
  • Empower yourself by focusing on what really matters
  • Be inspired to make a difference

The team journey

  • ‘If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together!’
  • Discover your team’s values and strengths
  • Build trust and find new energy and focus and take your team to the next level.

Inclusive leadership

  • Learn how to include the wisdom of the minority in democratic decisions
  • Experience the value of conflict and learn how to guide it effectively
  • Inspire innovation, and transformational growth   


  • Signal underlying tensions in your team
  • Become aware of your conflict management style
  • Learn how to handle conflict effectively

Campfire Conversations

  • You ask the questions, now come hear the answers!
  • Learn how to take better decisions, based on the wisdom of the diversity of your team.

Creative Teams

  • Spark idea’s, ignite action!
  • Learn how to turn big idea’s into great results
  • Discover and unleash the creativity in your team


  • Learn how to bring your story with impact
  • Inspire your audience to become a supporter


  • …….Opportunity or disaster?
  • How to tackle the challenges of attracting and retaining them